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Thursday 18 June 2015

Did you know - parking lots are dangerous?

Posted by at 9:55 AM

We all have different driving habits. I happen to know someone who prefers to "cut through" a parking lot to get from point A to point B because they think it is shorter or takes less time. I am not a fan of that driving style. So, the other day I found myself driving while this person was in the vehicle. They tried to give me the "tip" that I should cut through the parking lot. I did not. But, I have to say that my first thought when they shared this tip with me was this:

If I drive through the parking lot and I get into an accident, it is automatically 1/2 my fault. So, that less than :60 second savings might end up costing me a couple of hundred dollars and some wasted time. 

So, if you find yourself riding with someone who likes to save some time using the parking lot shortcut method, let them know that the shortcut is:

  1. Most likely illegal
  2. Could most likely cost them money having to fix their vehicle if they are involved in an accident. A parking lot accident is a "no fault" scenario in Wisconsin. Which means that neither party is at fault. Where as, if they had taken the marked road, the accident would be clear as to who was at fault.

So, save time and money. Take the marked roads! Enjoy your summer travels.